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Jacqui Cheng’s
DNA 11 Ancestry Portrait™

Jacqui Cheng is part of HAPLO Group H

Jacqui Cheng is part of mitochondrial haplogroup H, a predominantly European haplogroup that originated outside of Europe before the last glacial maximum (LGM). It first expanded in the northern Near East and southern Caucasus between 33,000 and 26,000 years ago, and later migrations from Iberia suggest it reached Europe before the LGM. It has also spread to Siberia and Inner Asia. Today, about 40% of all mitochondrial lineages in Europe are classified as haplogroup H. Haplogroup H is a descendant of haplogroup HV. The Cambridge Reference Sequence (CRS), the human mitochondrial sequence to which all other sequences are compared, belongs to haplogroup H.

Ancester Map

What is a DNA 11 Ancestry Portrait™?

Unlock the code to your ancestry.

DNA 11, the company that introduced the world to DNA Art, is taking it to the next level with DNA 11 Ancestry Portraits*, where your genetic lineage is encoded to create a one-of-a-kind canvas art piece.

Unlock the secrets of your ancestry with a personal, scannable barcode that crosses over from physical to digital to trace your maternal lineage.

By scanning your augmented artwork with a camera-equipped smartphone** your portrait becomes the gateway to a personalized ancestry page tracing your origins back thousands of years.

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